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Ghost Deep Night Eau de Toilette 50ml Spray Ghost Deep Night is a white floral and woody fragrance for women. The mysterious perfume is built on a bouquet of tropical night-blooming cereus and Indian roses. As the floral opening notes dry they reveal a luscious base of peach and apricot deepened with woody notes, which rest on a seductive base of amber, musk and vanilla. The gorgeous half-moon shaped bottle, will not only look great on your dresser but also matches the delicate and slightly sultry aroma this Ghost perfume implies. Deep Night was launched in 2001 and is ideal for the sophisticated woman.
380 EGP incl tax 400 EGP incl tax excluding shipping
Aromatic line: Aromatic green From the house of Grace perfumes. A fragrance from the green aromatic family for both sexes. The fragrance was released in 2015. The fragrance is of high quality. The fragrance sparkles with its aromatic composition, which opens with the aromatic top with musk, angelica, black pepper, pink pepper and mandarin orange. Followed by the aromatic heart accompanied by a sparkling bouquet of wormwood, plum and jasmine. While the aromatic base concludes with patchouli, incense, suede and white musk. Gres Piece Unique Eau de Parfum 100ml
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The Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance Amber Romance body spray is a perfect complement to the fragrance from the same collection. It leaves the skin wonderfully scented, giving you a new burst of energy and self-confidence at any time during the day. Fragrance Notes : Black Cherry, Crme Anglaise, Sandalwood
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