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Green Bubble Bath Brush: Quick Foaming Bath Brush, Soft Scrub Bubble Massage, Silicone Bath Body Scrubber
79 EGP incl tax 109 EGP incl tax excluding shipping
Super Soft Green Silicone Bath Body Brush - Easy to Use - Suitable for All Babies, Kids, Women and Men - Works great on any skin type
39 EGP incl tax 59 EGP incl tax excluding shipping
Hair Removal Device + 100gWax 80W F-70004 DSP Hair Removal Tool Epilator Warmer Wax Heater Professional Mini Spa Hand Epilator Paraffin Wax Machine Temperature Control - Heating Coil for Fast Wax Collapse, Molded in Material Durable Heat Helper Quality Assurance - Controlled Normal temperature and indicator light - Suitable for all types of waxes: hard waxing, strip waxing, paraffin wax - Includes an extra aluminum pan and can be removed with a handle - See-through lid prevents wax contamination - Suitable for personal, home and salon use Benefits of a heater / warmer - Using the heater for 2 hours About 30 minutes, the wax will melt
129 EGP incl tax 179 EGP incl tax excluding shipping
Massage pillow CHM8028 (it's a Perfect companion to relax and release the tension in your muscles. Using 4 rollers and the rotating action, it's sugly fitting area can imprve blood circulation and re-energizing you to do more four massage rollers with clockwise and anti-lock wise motion).
199 EGP incl tax 259 EGP incl tax excluding shipping
169 EGP incl tax 199 EGP incl tax excluding shipping
Pink bubble bath. Quick Foaming Bath Brush Scrub Scrub Soft Scrub Bubble Massage Body Cleanser Silicone Bath
79 EGP incl tax 109 EGP incl tax excluding shipping